Top Quality Semi-automatic Container Spreader

Short Description:

1. For ISO 2Oft & 40ft containers

2. Lifting Capacity from 30T to 50T

3. Lighter but Stronger

4.Failure-free &Worry-free

Product Detail


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Product Description
Semi-Auto container spreader adapts twist-lock control unit. Main character is that drive crank bar connecting rod mechanism, twist-lock equip with plate on the rotation shaft,  inter plate guide with groove and rolling slip running unit, running unit throw the buffer spring, rotation sling connect with hook, running unit action via eccentricity lock plate control, plate with positioning unit , limit plate ,rotation angle of twist-lock. When it working via hook up and down,eccentricity lock unit close or relax running unit, running unit or rotation running plate or alongside guide groove rolling, finish the plate, rotation lock 90 degree clockwise or anti-clock rotation.20/40ft Semi-automatic container spreader advantage: 
1, Iight dead weight.
2, Operation is simple and convenient.
3, Design of the spreader is suitable for port, railway and yard.
4, Reliable with simple locking/unlocking mechanism and all four twist lock activated throught one manually operated handle.
5, The corners of the spreader has been installed the guide plates, facilitate fixed the container.Factory Provide 20FT and 40FT Boom Hydraulic Container Spreader



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