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Welcome to MAXTECH Marine & Port Equipment, one of the leading producers of high-quality marine cranes, Container spreader, grabs&hoppers ,Ship unloader and Auto mooring devices and system for port and marine industry. With 50+ years of experience in designing, developing and manufacturing marine&port equipment, we have earned a reputation for producing top-of-the-line quality products that meet the stringent requirements and safety standards of the industry.



We take pride in the superior quality of cranes, spreaders,grabs, hoppers,ship unloader and auto mooring devices which are built to last and perform efficiently in challenging conditions. Our products are made using high-grade materials, feature innovative technology and are put through rigorous testing processes before delivery. The superior design and excellent workmanship of our products make them perfect for various container handling operations across different industries.



CERTIFICATES  for MAXTECH Container SpreadersEvery product includes a “Declaration of Conformity” that is compliance with:
1 EU standards ,CE standards and Chinese national standards and also many of the Classification society;
2 Maxtech port and marine products are with 3rd party Load Test Certificate Available by BV, CCS, ABS, RS , TUV and as per the customers’ individual requires; 
3 All twistlocks are individually tested and markedUNE EN 13155 July 2003 or Chinese National Standards;
4 Wire-ropes are manufactured in compliance with:UNE EN-13414- 1:2004 or Chinese National Standards;


 PATENTS for MAXTECH products


Container Spreaders
No. Patent Name Patent Number
1 A container spreader positioning device 13979517
2 A slewing mechanism capable of fine-tuning the angle of the container spreader 14234133 
3 A container spreader whose center of gravity can be shifted in heavy state 10997589
4 A container spreader for port cranes to facilitate fixing containers 14010625
5 An anti-falling container spreader 15069781
6 Computer software copyright registration certificate -- Container spreader intelligent control platform 2021SR0005145
Grabs and Hoppers
No. Patent Name Patent Number
1 A supporting device suitable for large-capacity port bulk hoppers 14351441
2 Grab bucket for port cranes that is easy to disassemble and replace 14019340
3 A guide rail mechanism with convenient maintenance for ship loading and unloading machine 13996868
Auto Mooring Device
No. Patent Name Patent Number
1 A wharf fender that is conveniently positioned when inflated 14338134
2 An energy-absorbing pier fender with adjustable angle 14349170
3 A height-adjustable bollard 14347794
4 A rotatable multi-layer energy-absorbing dock fender 14331921
5 A three-body airbag type rubber anti-collision fender for a wharf 14343501
6 Computer software copyright registration certificate --Bollard equipment intelligent management software 2021SR0005147
No.  Certificate Name Certificate Number
1 Certificate of Quality Management System Certification 06517Q31328R0M


Our team of highly skilled professionals are dedicated to providing high quality reliable equipment and excellent customer service and support, we offer consultation, technical support, as well as custom-made solutions tailored to meet specific customer needs.

As manufacturing factory, we believe in innovation, safety, and reliability. Our commitment to quality has helped us build long-term partnerships with customers worldwide. Choose us as your go-to port equipment supplier and let us help you take your bulk cargo loading & unloading and container handling operations to the next level.

MAXTECH takes the values of Active, Earnest, Practical and Innovative as the code of conduct for each employee;

"Meeting Requirements & Achieving Dreams" is MAXTECH vision, MAXTECH is not only create value for customers, but also to live up dreams of the employees.

“MAX. Technology to create happiness and influence the world ” is the mission of MAXTECH.

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