AHC(Active Heave Compensation) Offshore Crane from 20t to 600tons

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**Features of the AHC Offshore Crane:**

1. **Active Heave Compensation Technology:** Utilizes advanced control systems to counteract the lifting load’s movements caused by sea waves, ensuring stable and precise handling of loads.

2. **High Lifting Capacity:** Designed to handle heavy loads, making them suitable for a wide range of offshore lifting and construction tasks.

3. **Customization and Flexibility:** Offers options for customization to meet specific operational requirements, including variable boom lengths, winch capacities, and control systems, ensuring versatility across different maritime operations.

  • Class Certificate : BV ABS CCS KR RS
  • Crane type : Electrical type or Electrical -hydraulic type
  • Min.Order Quantity: 1 Piece/Pieces
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    The AHC (Active Heave Compensation) offshore crane, as showcased by MAXTECH, is a sophisticated piece of deck equipment designed to enhance operational efficiency and safety in the challenging marine environment.

    These cranes are engineered to perform precise lifting operations on offshore platforms, vessels, and in other maritime contexts where compensating for wave-induced vessel movements is crucial.

    The AHC system actively adjusts the crane's lifting wire tension in response to sea swells, thus minimizing the load's movement relative to the sea bed or water surface.

    This capability is essential for operations like equipment deployment and retrieval from the sea floor, where accuracy and stability are paramount. 


    AHC(Active Heave Compensation)

    Solution Advantages

    1) Our solution integrates the active heave compensation actuator with the lifting winch, featuring a small footprint, wide range of applicable sea conditions, and extensive applications.

    2) The operation is relatively simple and does not require system pre-setting.

    3) The crane can unloading in AHC mode.

    4)The price is relatively affordable

    Features of the AHC Offshore Crane

    **Enhanced Safety Features:** Incorporates multiple safety systems, including overload protection, emergency stop systems, and secure load handling, to ensure operations are conducted safely.

    **Robust Design for Harsh Environments:** Built to withstand the harsh maritime environment, with corrosion-resistant materials and coatings that extend the crane's lifespan and reliability.

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