45T@35M Port Crane Mobile Harbor Crane With Container Spreader or Grab for Handling Containers or Cargo Bulk

Short Description:

1. Ensure safety and relability,operator friendly;

2. High working efficiency, compact frame;

3. Convenience maintenance, nice appearance; 

4. Anticorrosive surface treatment, suitable for the port and sea working environment.

5. Rebliable components brand.

6. Personalized designed according to your request.

7, Continuing in time after-sales support.


Product Detail


Product Tags

Unilateral Axial:It mainly used in loading and unloading operation and its cantilever is single cantilever.

The traveling crane with light weight and small wheel-pressure can reduce investment and create ideal economic benefit.
So it is a new model traveling crane which is full of vitality. The rail moving crane type adapts rack amplitude and wire-rope amplitude and it can carry luffing motion with payload. It can turn and lift at any angle. It has high efficiency and it can be used with hook or grab.

Four-bar Linkage: It is the mobile type full circle swinging and double-link-bar jib. It has long cantilever and it can adapt to the bigger ship. The port crane is the ideal crane for general policy control port with good-looking appearance, advanced function, convenient maintenance and durable service.

Maxtech Port Crane Ranges from :

Lifting Capacity from 10t to 200tons;

Workinf radius from 5m to 60meters.

The most popullar model is 45T35M Multipule-funcation Portal Crane; which have been sold to many Asian port.




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