Dust Control ECO Port Hoppers 99% Dust Catching Perfect for Cement Powder

Short Description:

① 99% Dust Absorbing performance for Powder material

② Sound experiences in dealing with cement powder.

③ Dust -catch telescopic chute—— with dust catching device and sensor for automatically telescopic

④ Small funnels grating help to control dust —patent protected

⑤    Best quality material of filter bag  —longest using life and not easy to broken

⑦    Air Dryer in the filter bag is the secret source ;

⑧ The IIS intelligent identification systems—- dust device standby when grab is not there & also improve the dust catching performance .



  • Class Certificate : BV ABS CCS KR RS
  • Crane type : Electrical type or Electrical -hydraulic type
  • Min.Order Quantity: 1 Piece/Pieces
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    Maxtech have accumulated lots of experience in handling with cement powder.

    The dust absorbing performence can reach 99%  ;

    Maxtech ECO hopper for cemment powder help to make your port PERFECT clean.

    General introduction 

    This equipment is mainly for cement unloading and loading, the dust removal system is arranged on the hopper to control the dust generated during the unloading process, and the weighing system controls the load weight to each vehicle, and through the Intelligent Identification System (IIS) to ensure the feeding spouts with the truck receiving spouts accurately docking;

    Main structures of the equipment: steel structure frame, hopper body (storage hopper and weighing hopper), electric intelligent identification discharge gate, electric winding and expansion silo, dust removal device, weighing device, compressed air system,

    mobile mechanism, electronic control system, operation room, diesel generator power system , etc.

    The electricity type is 380V AC (± 10%), 50 Hz, three-phase four-wire.

    Send us the enquiry with your working requirements, we gonna offer you a free crane quotation .

    MAXTECH Customized Hopper for a various range material with the below options:

    1, Weighing System ;

    2,Dust Control System;

    4,Intelligent Identity System(IIS);

    5,Diesel Generator Power Station;

    6,Self-driving Moving System;


    Paramenters of 80m3 ECO hopper for cemment powder for your reference:

    Unloading efficiency

    Unloading efficiency is 300~600 t / h / unit

    Applicable materials

    Cement POWDER

    Hopper Cone volume and material

     80 cubic meters and above

     The upper bucket is 7.3 * 7.0m2 and the material is T8mm * Q345B

    Hopper inclination


    Maximum load



    Ship→ Crane→ Dust removal hopper→ Truck

    Operation control mode

    Operation control mode :100m;

    Important parameters of equipment Overall height :18900 Upper opening size:7300×7000  

    Upper wind protection baffle height:2000


    Lower spouts number :2 Lower spouts size:Φ580 Spouts height from the ground:4650mm



    Control mode of feeding port opening and closing valve: gate valve


    Dust removal parameters

    Dust removal method and dust removal principle:

    negative pressure dry filter bag &filter collector

    Filter wind speed 


    Total filtration area ≥890m2


    Dust removal rate ≥98%


    Negative pressure ≥5000Pa


    Blow pressure 0.5-0.7MPa


    ※Dust concentration of the exhaust port ≤30mg/m3

    Important parameters

    of the generator set

    Total power rate:132KW

    Brand: Cummins

    Silent mute type


    Electric type :380V 50Hz 3P

    Diesel fuel tank volume: 1500L

    Per hour oil consumption :25L


    Important parameters

    of the weighing system

    Number of weighing sensor:4

    Weighing precision :±1%


    weighing hopper design


    Weighing control mode: resistance and strain type


    Intelligent identification system (IIS system)

    Grab open identification control: distance sensor, displacement sensor


     Induction control of dust removal system: laser to radiation sensor

    Lower feeding port identification control: mercury sensor, image information processing

    Data processing: PCL programming and intelligent module

    International leading acceptance standard – high standard&full covarage

    1,Our acceptance criteria: dust concentration is less than 30mg/m3 at 5m distance from the top of the hopper;

    2,Bottom loading: at the 2m of the truck, dust concentration is less than 30mg/m3;

          The dust concentration is lower than 20mg/m3 at the outlet of the fan at 2m distance.

    3,Our above testing criteria is leading advanced comparing with both domestic and foreign industry.

    ECO HOPPER (3)



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