20FT/40FT Mechanical Container Spreader

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Hydraulic Container Spreader

Mechanical Container Spreader

Automatic Container Spreader

Semi-Auto Container Spreader

Lifting Beam

Spreader Bar

Lifting Spreader Beam

Container Spreader

Electrical Container Spreader

Electrical Hydraulic Container Spreader

Ship To Shore Crane Spreaders

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Technical Parameters

If you want to know more type of the container spreader, pls contact us soon! 

Mechanical Container Spreader:

Lifting Capacity (t) 32T (under spreader)
Dead Weight (t) 2T
Wire Rope Spec. (mm) DIA32MM X4 pcs
with minimum breaking strength of 1770N/mm2
Rotatable Mode ISO standard fixup rotatable mode
Rotatable Device Semi-flexible cable
Flexible Cable Journey ~1.25m
Allowed Load Eccentricity Length 1.25M width 0.26M
Temperature temperature 一20° — 50°
Length of Spreader (mm) ~6054
Width of Spreader (mm) ~2438
Fit Crane's Type A crane which have single hoist framework
Fit 20'container
20ft semi container spreader- production drawing_00
3D drawing 

40ft container spreader


Quality - Safe & Reliable
We insurance the quality are safe and reliable of the caontainer spreader.

1.Self-own factory & Engineering designer
So that we can control each step during the produce time of the container spreader .

2.Six Sigma Quality Control Policy
Our factory container spreader production is according to the standard of Six Sigma.

3. 50+years of in fabrication of the container spreader
The container spreader has high safety requirements. The container spreader in our factory has double protection, electronic protection and mechanical protection to ensure the safety of the container spreader.
More than 50 years of production also ensures safety

Price - Best Price with Best Quality 
In the case of the same configuration, our price of the caontainer spreader will be cheaper.
Rationalization of the production process, to a certain extent, save labor costs, save materials.
Overall planning of raw material procurement, reduce raw material cost.
So we can offer a more competitive price.



we have a lot of patents of the container spreader.

1. patent name : a container spreader positioning device , patent number: 13979517

2. patent name: a container spreader for port cranes to facilitate fixing containers, patent number: 14010625

3. patent name: a  slewing mechanism capable of fine-tuning the angle of the container spreader , patent number: 142341333

4. patent name: a container spreader with dynamically shiftable center of gravity, patent number:10997589.


Container Spreaders

No. Patent Name Patent Number
1 A container spreader positioning device 13979517
2 A slewing mechanism capable of fine-tuning the angle of the container spreader 14234133
3 A container spreader whose center of gravity can be shifted in heavy state 10997589
4 A container spreader for port cranes to facilitate fixing containers 14010625
5 An anti-falling container spreader 15069781
6 Computer software copyright registration certificate -- Container spreader intelligent control platform 2021SR0005145


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