There Are Various Types Of Positioning Pins To Choose From

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Available in various shapes and models   can handle 200,000 containers or more

Surface treatment:dacromet、blackening and so on

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Maxtech have more than 10 years experience in producing marine equipment,our container spreaders could design to handle 20-40ft/20-40-45ft suitbale the crane lifting.The double girder design is structurally based on the ship-to-shore crane spreaders and is made out of high-quality steel in order to reduce the weight of the spreaders.we are manufacturer, we can provide you best price and quality.

Quality - Safe & Reliable

We insurance the quality are safe and reliable

1.Self-own factory & Engineering designer

So that we can control each step of the production.

2.Six Sigma Quality Control Policy

Our factory production is according to the standard of Six Sigma.

3. 50+years of in fabrication of the container spreader

The container spreader has high safety requirements. The container spreader in our factory has double protection, electronic protection and mechanical protection to ensure the safety of the container spreader.

More than 50 years of production also ensures safety

Price - Best Price with Best Quality

In the case of the same configuration, our price will be cheaper.

Rationalization of the production process, to a certain extent, save labor costs, save materials.

Overall planning of raw material procurement, reduce raw material cost.

So we can offer a more competitive price.


Our container grab is designed to improve the efficiency of handling containers by cranes. This product is designed to be simple and durable, suitable for container cranes and wheeled cranes. The vertical engine drives its own electronic control system, providing users with a more efficient and reliable operating experience. Especially suitable for the protection of load and the task of ship loading and unloading, it can safely and efficiently carry out the front and rear lifting and improve the operation efficiency.

We use high-quality materials to manufacture our container grab to ensure its excellent durability and reliability. We have always attached importance to the excellence of production technology and strict quality control, and are committed to producing and selling products of excellent quality. In addition, we also provide customers with personalized customized services to meet different needs and fully adapt to user requirements.

Our container grab has won the trust and praise of many users with its excellent performance and high quality. We always adhere to customer demand as the center, continue to improve the comprehensive strength of products, services and enterprises, and are committed to creating greater value for customers.

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