20ft 40ft semi automatic mechanical container spreader

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Hydraulic Container Spreader

Mechanical Container Spreader

Automatic Container Spreader

Semi-Auto Container Spreader

Lifting Beam

Spreader Bar

Lifting Spreader Beam

Container Spreader

Electrical Container Spreader

Electrical Hydraulic Container Spreader

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20ft 40ft Semi-automatic container spreader for standard container are fixed to the hooks of gantry, bridge and portal cranes. Twist lock control is carried out mechanically by means of wire rope pulling. Hooking/unhooking is carried out without help of crane workers. Simplicity and convenience of spreader installation allow converting from hook crane into container crane in a short time. There is no necessity to arrange power supply for the spreader and to update the crane control circuit.


20ft semi container spreader- production drawing_00


For operation with ISO standard 20′ container For operation with ISO standard 40′ container
Rated lifting load 35t Rated lifting load 40t
Dead Weight 2t Dead Weight 3.5t
Allowable load eccentricity ±10% Allowable load eccentricity ±10%
Spring stroke 100mm Spring stroke 100mm
Ambient temperature ‘-20ºC+45ºC Ambient temperature ‘-20ºC+45ºC
Twistlock mode ISO floating twistlock,driven by automatic spring Twistlock mode ISO floating twistlock,driven by automatic spring
Flippers device No power, fixed flippers Flippers device No power, fixed flippers
Appilcation Portal crane, gantry crane, crane in plant Appilcation Portal crane, gantry crane, crane in plant

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