Hydraulic telescopic container spreader

Short Description:

1.high reliability

We have  50+ years experience of the production and sale.

2.Stable operation

We have a strict quality control department, and the company strictly follows the Six Sigma Quality Control。

3.High operating efficiency.

4. Provide the best price .

5. High comments.

high comments from the DAMMAM port and American, who use our container spreader give us good praise.

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Hydraulic telescopic container spreader is especially designed for shore container crane, which also can be used with gantry crane. It is suitable to lift 20ft and 40ft containers. Safe working load is 40T.

MAX20/40 telescopic spreaders are driven by hydraulic system, its automatic working provides high working efficiency, especially for large container loading and unloading yard.



electric hydraulic telescopic container spreader 20ft 40ft


Technical specification

SWL 40t
Container size 20-40ft
Telescopic time 20-40ft 30s
Power supply AC 380V 50 HZ
Working pressure 100 bar

Twist lock time 90





Our advantage

Our advantage

We insurance the quality are safe and reliable

1.Self-own factory & Engineering designer

So that we can control each step of the production.

2.Six Sigma Quality Control Policy
Our factory production is according to the standard of Six Sigma.

3. 50+years of in fabrication of the container spreader
The container spreader has high safety requirements. The container spreader in our factory has double protection, electronic protection and mechanical protection to ensure the safety of the container spreader.
More than 50 years of production also ensures safety

Price - Best Price with Best Quality

In the case of the same configuration, our price will be cheaper.

Rationalization of the production process, to a certain extent, save labor costs, save materials.

Overall planning of raw material procurement, reduce raw material cost.

So we can offer a more competitive price.

Our Service
Being a good adviser and assistant of client, we can help them to get rich and generous returns on their investment.
1.Pre-sale services:
a: Design customized project for clients.
b: Design and manufacture products according to clients special requirement.
c: Train technical personnel for clients.
2.Services during the sale:
a: Help clients to find reasonable freight forwarders ahead of delivery.
b: Help clients to draw solving plans.
3.After-sale services:
a: Assist clients to prepare for the construction scheme.
b: Install and debug equipment.
c: Train the first-line operators.
d: Examine equipment.
e: Take initiative to eliminate the troubles immediately.
f: Provide technical exchanging.


we have a lot of patents of the container spreader.

1. patent name : a container spreader positioning device , patent number: 13979517

2. patent name: a container spreader for port cranes to facilitate fixing containers, patent number: 14010625

3. patent name: a  slewing mechanism capable of fine-tuning the angle of the container spreader , patent number: 142341333

4. patent name: a container spreader with dynamically shiftable center of gravity, patent number:10997589.



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