Articulated Parallel Spreader(APS) Best Quality for Port Working

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MAXTECH’s APS(Articulated Parallel  Container Spreader) help the port crane to achive an extra 1m in outreach enable  to reach 23 rows or 24 rows.

Rather than buy new cranes, APS(Articulated Parallel Contianer Spreader) help port solve the problem in the simplest way— save time , save money ,save troubles.

MAXTECH is the only company hold the patent of this kind of container spreader in both domestic and the abroad.

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Many ports don’t have the type of cranes to reach high or wide enough and need a solution.
MAXTECH’s customer in the Middle East needed a solution to reach 23 rows or 24 rows. Rather than buy new cranes, they went for the APS(Articulated Parallel Spreader) and achieved an extra 1m in outreach…problem solved.
The APS help ports to extend 1m in very short time with non-modification to the existing crane and at a very very little cost, wonderful ? contact us for more details .

Design Machine Over height Container Spreader Size Adjustable is a large-scale special machine for container loading and unloading. Suitable for freight storage, water transport ports and terminals, because of its special equipment, it has the characteristics of high reliability, stable operation and high operating efficiency. It is an important auxiliary tool for lifting equipment.The telescopic container spreader is composed of a hanger structure, a rotation lock device, a guiding device, a telescopic device and a hydraulic system, and has the functions of guiding alignment, automatic opening and closing, automatic telescopic, et

Maxtech have more than 10 years experience in producing marine equipment,our container spreaders could design to handle 20-40ft/20-40-45ft suitbale the crane lifting.The double girder design is structurally based on the ship-to-shore crane spreaders and is made out of high-quality steel in order to reduce the weight of the spreaders.we are manufacturer, we can provide you best price and quality.



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