20’40ft I type Container Spreader lifting Beam

Short Description:

1. I type container spreader

2. I type container spreader for 20ft -40ft -45ft container

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Semi-automatic I type container spreaders are fixed to the hooks of gantry crane, plant crane or portal cranes.
Twist lock control is carried out mechanically by means of control pulling the wire rope. Hooking/unhooking is carried out without help of crane workers.
Simplicity and convenience of spreader installation allow converting from hook crane into container crane in a short time. There is no necessity to arrange power supply for the spreader and to update the crane control circuit.

Product Paramenters
Rated lifting weight
3500 kg
Dead Weight
2500 kg
Allowable load eccentricity
Spring stroke
Ambient temperature
Twistlock mode
ISO floating twistlock, driven by automatic spring
Q1. Can the spreader be customized? Yes, every customer’s working condition is different, all of our products can be customized depend on customers’ requirements. Please give us the information as clear as you can, so we can give our best design to suit for your demands.   Q2. Do you supply lift tools? Yes, we can provide any kind of lifting tools such as hook, electromagnetic, grab bucket etc…

Q3: In order to offer the most suitable design solution for you, it will be great helpful if you can offer us the following information to us: 1. Where is the spreader installed? Overhead cranes, gantry cranes excavators or other equipment?
2. What is the spreader size required?

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