Factory Supply Top Quality Semi-automatic Container Spreader

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Twist lock control is carried out mechanically by means of control pulling the wire rope. Hooking/unhooking is carried out without help of crane workers.
Simplicity and convenience of spreader installation allow converting from hook crane into container crane in a short time. There is no necessity to arrange power supply for the spreader and to update the crane control circuit.

Quality - Safe & Reliable
We insurance the quality are safe and reliable

1.Self-own factory & Engineering designer
So that we can control each step of the production.

2.Six Sigma Quality Control Policy
Our factory production is according to the standard of Six Sigma.

3. 50+years of in fabrication of the container spreader
The container spreader has high safety requirements. The container spreader in our factory has double protection, electronic protection and mechanical protection to ensure the safety of the container spreader.
More than 50 years of production also ensures safety

Price - Best Price with Best Quality 
In the case of the same configuration, our price will be cheaper.
Rationalization of the production process, to a certain extent, save labor costs, save materials.
Overall planning of raw material procurement, reduce raw material cost.
So we can offer a more competitive price.

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