Containers and Cargo Handling Stiff Boom Marine Crane Electrical Hydraulic with Cylinders Luffing

Short Description:

① MAXTECH MARINE CRANES are with ABS BV CCS CE certificates ;

② Maxtech Marine cranes are exceptionally low in maintenance;

③ Rust-free : Stainless Steel material has been applied in many key parts of MAXTECH MARINE CRANE.

④ 24 hours on line technical supports and local after-sales service center.

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Container and Cargo Handling Shipboard Crane Fixed Stiff Boom Crane with cylinders luffing

Maxtech supply range : lifting capacity from 1ton to 100tons , the working radius from 5meter to 50meters.

Design and product Complying with standard of ABS BV CCS CE and the certificates can be offered;

MAXTECH stiff boom cranes are a great choice when it comes to safe, fast, and flexible material handling and unloading.

  1. Plain and pure architecture based on a pedestal slewing design with cylinders;
  2. Maxtech Marine cranes are exceptionally low in maintenance;
  3. Combining minimum complexity and optimised weight with high-quality components;
  4. Special features such as special corrosion treatment;
  5. MaxTech Marine crane is a solid and reliable asset for every working environment.

These shipboard crane with cylinders luffing is a very advanced modern design ,which is much neat and worry -free in the daily working. The luffing speed is higher comparing with steel wire luffing and save the trouble of replacing the steel wires from year to year.

The fixed ship deck crane with cylinders luffing is becoming more and more popular in recent years.

Send us the enquiry with your working requirements, we gonna offer you a free quotation.

Features for Ship Deck Crane Called Container and cargo handling cranes;

① Hoisting capacity up to 100 metric tons
② Boom/Jib working radius up to 50 meters
③ Matched with container spreader and grabs for handling containers and cargo.
④ Long-life surface treatment: corrosion protection
⑤ Integrated electro hydraulic drive / HPU
⑥ Stainless Steel pipes for hydraulic system
⑦ Continuous slewing
⑧ Low / high temperature operations
⑨ Anti-collision system
⑩ Remote control / operator’s cabin
⑪ Overload protection systems: MOPS & AOPS;
⑫ External hydraulic power packs
⑬ Spray metalizing
⑭ Crane certification according to selected rules and regulations
⑮ Explosive -protection design ATEX Zone 1 and 2 execution
⑯ Tugger winches

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