Auto Mooring System

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Maxtech’s latest innovation in automated mooring systems optimizes berth utilization and delivers superior efficiencies in port operations.  Automated mooring expands the product transfer operational window throughout a greater range of berthing and environmental conditions, improves safety, lowers resource and space requirements, demands less time to moor vessels and can minimize infrastructure investment to increase berthing capacity.

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Making Mooring Safe, Sustainable, and Cost-Effective

1.Independent AutoMooring specialist and provides top notch mooring solutions all over the world. We aim to continuously incorporate the latest innovations and improve our systems’ ease of use. Years of maritime experience and an established engineering team guarantee the quality of our products.

2.Maxtech’s modular solutions ensure a safe, sustainable and efficient mooring process and reduce shipborne emissions. We aim to make mooring an operation that can be performed in nearly all weathers and controlled from the wheelhouse. Our modular systems are designed for 30 years of operation under extreme weather conditions with only limited maintenance.

3.Our systems can be managed from the comfort of a bridge or shore and are suitable for SEMI and FULL Autonomous mooring. They are modular, with a reach that accommodates nearly any mooring situation.

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