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Spreader is an intermediate lifting accessory positioned between a hoist and a load. They act as a crosspiece for spacing the hooks or chains that hold loads such as bundles, rolls, cylinders and machinery.It enables the load to be hooked up, guaranteeing optimum stability and reduced headroom.

Lifting electromagnet, also called as electric lifting magnet, is one of the most commonly used type of magnetic lifting devices.A lifting electromagnet is the use of electromagnetism to lift / handle ferrous magnetic materials. It’s magnetic field is generated or produced by an electric current through the magnet.When the current turns on, the electromagnet will firmly hold the steel object and lift it to the designated place. Cut off the current, the magnetism disappears, and the steel items are put down.Industrial magnets for cranes are versatile, compact, easy to operate.
Lifting magnets has different types, different series lifting magnet is suitable for different steel products such as steel scraps, steel bar, steel billet,steel pipe etc,.Lifting magnets for cranes are commonly used in steel mills, foundries, coil and pipe distributors, scrap- and shipyards, loading docks, warehouses, and other users of applicable steel products.

Our Advantages

Fully sealed structure, good moisture-proof performance.
Through computer optimized design, the structure is reasonable, light weight, large suction and low energy consumption.
High insulation level, the unique process of insulation treatment improves the electrical and mechanical properties of the coil, and the heat resistance level of the insulation material can reach Class C.
Different structures and parameters are adopted for different inhaled objects, which can meet the needs of users extensively.
Easy to install, operate and maintain.Suitable for lifting scrap steel and scrap.
The product is optimized by computer, the magnetic circuit is more scientific and reasonable, the air gap magnetic density is large, and the magnetic penetration depth is deep.
Simple structure, safe and reliable.The lifting electromagnet has the characteristics of large magnetic potential and large magnetic penetration depth.
Electromagnet coil adopts low temperature rise design, with little change in suction in cold and hot states. The coil wire is made of high-quality oxide film flat aluminum tape with an insulation grade of C, which ensures the service life of the coil.
The coil protection plate is made of stainless steel, which has good wear resistance and high strength, and protects the coil from bottom impact and avoids damage to the coil.

Product Parameters
C Hook Spreader for Steel Coin Lifting 
Technical Data of C Hook spreader
Coil Diameter
Coil Inner
Coil Length
Self Weight
min max min max min max
5 900 1100 450 600 850 1000 850
10 1100 1300 450 600 1050 1200 1050
20 1250 1500 450 600 1150 1300 1270
25 1350 1800 500 850 1250 1400 1450
30 1500 1750 500 850 1300 1500 1800
35 1800 1850 500 850 1400 1600 2000

 Lifting electromagnet matched with various cranes to provide ideal material handling solution for ferrous materials such as steel, iron, ship manufacturing, heavy machinery, steel warehouses, ports and railways field, etc. for cast ingot, steel ball, pig iron, machine chip, various kinds of steel scraps, return scraps, cropping, baling scraps and so on in foundry factories and iron powder in coal washeries. During slag disposal process, it can remove large size of iron at initial step. It can be used in waste steel recovery department and steelmaking workshop.

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