Foldable Knuckle Boom Cranes for the Marine, Offshore or Wind Industry,with KR, BV,CCS Class Certificate

Short Description:

1. With KR class certificate

2. 30t @ 5m and 20t @15m

3. Easy to  Operate : with wirelss remote control

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Whether you work in the marine, offshore or wind industry – MAXTECH foldable knuckle boom cranes are a powerful and safe solution for diverse lifting and loading tasks. They make full use of their strengths and flexibility when loading and unloading equipment. Due to their compact construction, they can easily be accommodated on every type of vessel especially where space is limited.

The unique combination of low weight ratio and high performance makes these cranes so successful. Their sophisticated geometry allows for different outreaches from smaller telescopes to extensions of up to 15 m. Because we know that every work environment is unique, MAXTECH foldable knuckle boom cranes come with various additional features and options that make these cranes a multi-functional tool.

For example, In extreme cold and demanding working conditions,we will provide AHC system.

What's is AHC?

The AHC (Active Heave Compensation) offshore crane, as showcased by MAXTECH, is a sophisticated piece of deck equipment designed to enhance operational efficiency and safety in the challenging marine environment.

MAXTECH foldable knuckle boom cranes also can provide  KR,CCCS,ABS, BV .. class certificate.

MAXTECH foldable knuckle boom cranes equipped with wireless remote control device, it is more convenient to use.

1. technical parameter

1) Safety Working load 30t@5m & 20t @15m
Work Radius:       ( Max) 15m
(Min ) 5 m
 Steel wire length 200m zinc
 Hoisting speed(full load) 0~16m/min
Rotating speed 0   0.6r/min
 Slewing angle 360°
Average Luffing Time ~ 90s
2) El-motor
Power ~ 132 KW  (to be confirmed)
 3) Working duty S1
Insulation class F
Protection type: IP55
Explode-proof: Exd ⅡBT4 N/A
Motor space heater Without ¨  With
Motor starting method:  Direct  ¨ Star-delta

2.with Wireless remote control


3,nameplate with KR certificate


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