MAXTECH Corporation:We are back to work for a Prosperous Year of the Chinese Dragon!

The Chinese New Year 2024 holiday is over, and MAXTECH CORPORATION is back to work, ready to bring their superior quality cranes and other container handling equipment to industries worldwide. The year of Chinese Dragon is a time for new beginnings and fresh starts. May the spirit of Chinese Dragon bring you strength, courage and prosperity!

MAXTECH takes pride in the superior quality of their cranes, spreaders, grabs, hoppers, ship unloader, and auto mooring devices. These products are built to last and perform efficiently in challenging conditions, making them the perfect choice for various container handling operations across different industries.

MAXTECH Corporation
maxtech crane

Our products are made using high-grade materials and feature innovative technology. Before delivery, each product is put through rigorous testing processes to ensure its reliability and durability. The superior design and excellent workmanship of these products make them stand out in the market.

With the holiday now over, MAXTECH is focused on meeting the needs of their customers and providing reliable solutions for their container handling operations. Whether it's cranes for loading and unloading cargo, spreaders for efficient container handling, grabs and hoppers for material handling, ship unloaders for port operations, or auto mooring devices for safe and secure vessel mooring, MAXTECH has the right equipment for the job.

MAXTECH understands the importance of keeping operations running smoothly and efficiently, which is why they are committed to delivering top-notch products and excellent service to their customers. The company's dedication to quality and performance has earned them a strong reputation in the industry.


As MAXTECH gets back to work after the Chinese New Year holiday, they are ready to serve their customers with the same level of excellence and commitment that they are known for. If you need to inquire about any products, please feel free to contact us by the following ways:



Post time: Feb-18-2024
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